Prostate Cancer awareness | Black Men Run Atlanta

I hope our brothers that are also fathers are having a great weekend. Today some of #BMR family in Atlanta ran the Dad Dash 2014 / Cure Prostrate Cancer 5K this morning. It wasn’t a surprising race, simple physics says that if you start and stop in the same spot and the first 1.5 miles are flat and downhill what do you think the last 1.5 would be? LOL.

This run was in salute to one of our biggest supporters and a prostrate cancer survivor, Mr. Gerald Smith.

Gerald has allowed #BMR to share his story and his successful conquering of his cancer diagnosis:

At the very beginning of the BMR movement, Gerald was (is) one of our most consistent participants to our runs, events and gatherings so when he stopped attending our scheduled runs he was immediately missed. We thought his work schedule, family commitments or travel was the reason but later found out he was in aggressive treatment for prostrate cancer. Of course he had #BMR support for whatever he needed and was in our prayers the entire time.

Gerald has beaten this cancer diagnosis, had very successful treatment and is in full remission and absent of cancer. Not only that he has come back to the #BMR fold stronger and faster. He ran a personal best 5K today and did it on a challenging course.

I would like to say thank you Gerald for fighting the good fight, educating us on how to TAKE control of our fate and health and returning to your #BMR family, sharing your stories and WINNNNNNNNNNG!

This race was also support of health for American American Men and awareness about prostrate cancer. Prostrate Cancer affects African American men in a hugely disproportionate number than the general populace and it is important that we take control of our life and health by gaining knowledge and getting tested. It is absolutely a survivable and curable condition if you take the time to get tested and get treatment.