Black Men Run + Saucony = Runner of the Month – August 2017

Congratulation to the Saucony + Black Men Run | Runner Of The Month for August, Mr. Chuck Guyton from BMR Charlotte. Thank you to Chuck and his story can be read below:

“To tell a bit about myself I was just a weird big guy that enjoyed life.  I was all about having fun and laughing but without realizing it I was slowly killing myself.  Although I was 407Lbs I and had a healthy heart I was border line diabetic with a bad case of sleep apnea. I’d often joke to my Doctors when asked how I’m doing I’d say “I’m keeping it below the line to keep kicking”.  As I joked I knew I was one half breath from dying at night from not breathing 94+ times I found out during a sleep test, there was several times I’d wake to my wife watching because I’d give her scared at night when she heard me gasp for air.

I knew I had to change when I started having pains in my side but I was too big to fit in an MRI machine so they sent me to an animal hospital to do the scan.  I was really sick but the Dr’s said I was too over weight to do anything about it. That’s when I started walking or shall I say my wife started having me walk with her. It was a daunting task because after a .25 of a mile my knees would swell and my lower back would go numb.  I stuck with it pushing a bit harder everyday. I started to change my eating habits and portions.

After losing a great deal of weight I was challenged to do a Spartan Race in the mud with obstacles.  I took that challenge and not only completed it but finished the year with a trifecta completing all three levels Sprint 3+ miles/Super 8+ miles/ Beast 13+ miles.  After completion of those I was introduced to the Black Men Run where running was not my thing, Trotting but not RUNNING!   They worked with me stayed by my side showed me the tips and tricks needed to endure long distance running.

I completed over 27 races on one year with 15 being 13.1s.  About four months ago I was introduced to the world of cross fit through Camp Gladiators where I just competed in my first competition.  Wish me luck because I haven gotten my results by if I did well I’ll be on my way to compete in the games in Dallas TX.

Right now I’m weighing in at 232lbs and doing a trial run for 30days with no meat.  I’m not making any promises on never going back to meat but I can guarantee with the support I have now and the quality of life I’m enjoying I won’t be going back to being over weight…  The Brothers of Black Men Run won’t let that happen I’m sure!   I must say having guys that I can confide in and that are genuinely concerned about my health and well being is something I cherish.”