Joining Black Men Run

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to join Black Men Run and start a running club in your city and here is how:

1. Complete the form on the Contact Us page.  Tell us where you are located and that you would like to be a “Running Captain” for Black Men Run.

2. We will create a Meetup or Facebook page for you and give you admin rights to schedule runs and their locations. This page will allow you to manage your runs and invite others to join the Black Men Run group in your city. We will also assist in creating a social media buzz for your city and create awareness of your Black Men Run group.

3. Once your city is established it will be added to the Black Men Run website in the drop down menu on the “Upcoming Runs” page.

4. We want you and your running group to purchase Black Men Run t-shirts from the Gear page on this site to help the movement grow organically and spread the word.

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