TURF is for the runners that like to get off-road, occasionally put in super long miles, and don’t mind busting their asses every once in a while. Trail and ultrarunning requires a special kind of crazy and we want to continue to build upon this amazing community.                                                             

Jay Tinsley – BMR Phoenix – IG: @meted99

Rob Palmore – BMR Tampa – IG:@robpalmore

Akeem Williams – BMR Dallas – IG:akeemymcdreamy

Arthur Blue – BMR Dallas – IG: Arthur.blue3

Bill McCleskey – BMR Nashville  – IG: billdotmcclesky

Chris Johnson – BMR Denver – IG: cj31016

Dondre Harris – BMR Denver  – IG: iamdondreharris 

Duane Goulbourne – BMR Detroit  – IG: goldiemsu

James Bryant – BMR Fayetteville – IG: two6_urbanrunner

Jamie Jenkins – BMR Nashville – IG: drjamiescottjenkins

Jarred Ervin – BMR Phoenix  – IG: ervv92

Kevin Edwards – BMR Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill – IG: redmann73

Kowi Davis – BMR Nashville – IG: dataunsventures

Lmani Viney – BMR North NJ – IG: lmanisviney

Onyanga Dean – BMR Bay Area – IG: o._m._dean

Oscar Camejo – BMR Atlanta – IG: oscar_camejo

Raheem Sisson – BMR Denver – IG: harlemchildnyc

Russell Daniel – BMR Charlotte – IG: blackruss2008

Shawn Gipson – BMR Phoenix – IG: shawn_wolverine96

Víctor Whitehead – BMR Hampton Roads – IG: vicstayfit74

Wil White – BMR DC – IG: wilworksdc

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Participation in trail runs and trail races is voluntary and up to the discretion of the individual. Black Men Run, Inc. is not liable for any injuries that may occur as a results of participating in trail runs and trail races.